The success story of Wolford began back in 1949 in Bregenz on Lake Constance:  Industrialist Reinhold Wolff and retailer Walter Palmers founded a company under the name Wolff & Co. to create stockings for women made from pure silk and rayon.

The technology was based  on used American cotton machines, which were adapted to suit Wolford quality standards.  These alterations to the machines acted as a kind of copy protection for the products, and as such gave the  company a head start against possible competitors from the very  beginning. The company continues to set itself apart from its competitors through its innovative knitting technology to this very day.

A meeting of the founding fathers in the British university town of Oxford reportedly saw the birth of what has now become a globally recognised brand name.  The brand name Wolford is an acronym, derived from the name of the founder Reinhold Wolff and the town of Oxford.

Over the years, the development of Wolford  into an international premium brand has been achieved through successful product diversification and at Doyles we offer a wide selection of these – from stockings, tights and through to vests and all in a variety of styles!