Paul Smith


Born in 1947, in Nottingham, England, Fashion Designer Paul Smith always wanted to become a professional bicycle racer. But an accident prevented him from pursuing this career further. He opened a tiny shop for clothing in 1970 and worked hard to establish himself as a unique fashion designer for classic men’s wear with a twisted appeal. Paul Smith surprised the fashion business, offering classic British cuts, but combining them in an unusual manner or using striking colors to make them stand out. Grey business suits worn with colorful flower-decorated shirts honored the tradition of British tailoring and took it a step further into young and progressive fashion.

Smith discovered that 15% of his clothes were bought by women, who were attracted to the fine and classic materials with a modern approach. So he introduced a women’s collection in 1993, using the same idea of classics with a fashion twist.

Paul Smith with versatile basics and unique separates reflects both modern dressing and the needs of every stylish woman. Paul Smith Black combines luxury tailoring and offers desirable classic pieces. Complimenting each other so well, Doyles are a long time fan of these ranges. As well as clothing we also offer a selection of accessories from scarves, socks and some great gift ideas too! In the words of Paul Smith “I give classics just a little kick.”

In the words of Paul Smith “I give classics just a little kick.”