Missoni represents a unique style in ready-to-wear knit classics. What started off as a tiny workshop belonging to a newly-wed couple has become the leading trend-setter for knitwear in the world.  Ottavio Missoni began work designing tracksuits for the Italian Olympic team and it was at the 1948 London Olympics that Rosita fell in love with Ottavio, after seeing him compete in the 400m obstacle course.

On returning to Italy, they opened a small workshop, where Rosita drove the brand towards gaining worldwide acclaim for her distinctive, colourful designers – designs which are as synonymous with the brand today, as their emphasis on knitwear. Beyond the characteristic colour, Missoni is championed for the optimum quality of its pieces, ensuring unmatched longevity for their wearers. Today, Missoni remains a dynastic enterprise, with three generations of the family working together, and it is this loyalty that has assured the preservation of Ottavio and Rosita’s initial mantra: to knit together the vibrancy of Italian style with the quality of a small, atelier-based enterprise.

Missoni brings you colourful, distinctive knitwear of the very best quality!

Sadly in May 2013 Ottavio Missoni passed away.  His contribution to the fashion industry and the Missoni brand which he developed with his wife and family will not be forgotten!

Missoni represents a unique style in ready-to-wear knit classics.