Isabel Marant Etoile


“Isabel Marant’s collections are only stocked in the very best boutiques!”

It was at the young age of 15 that Isabel Marant discovered fashion design when she received a sewing machine. She created her first pieces by transforming clothes that she found here and there. With a very particular, individual style and thanks to a friend that offered to sell some of her pieces in the Halles, in Paris, Isabel Marant began to gain fame. In just one month, she sold everything she had made and earned more than 6 000 francs. Isabel Marant had found her passion: She would be a fashion designer. She studied at the Berçot studio, a prestigious french designer’s school and developed her talent there.

She started working for Michel Klein before starting her own accessories and jewellery line, then in 1995, Isabel Marant created her own clothing brand for the style conscious woman. Her popularity has grown in recent years, and she is now recognised as one of fashion’s best kept secrets. Her collections are only stocked in the very best boutiques across Europe, like Doyles. Celebrity fans such as Sienna Miller and Kate Moss, with their sought after laid back style, have made Isabel Marant a must have in their wardrobe.

Isabel Marant’s classic collections have proved to be a perennial favourite with Doyles customers and this is why we continue to stock her designs each season. She designs very precise pieces with a personal touch, with determined and motivated women in mind.

At Doyles we are pleased to be able to offer customers Isabel Marant Mainline as well as Isabel Marant Etoile. We also have a fantastic range of Isabel Marant jewellery, scarves and shoes. This is a must see collection!