This Italian collection has just landed at DOYLES! With a long heritage dating back 50 years, this is a brand which has combined aesthetic modern designs, with a commitment to high end fabrics and production. Resulting in luxurious coats which ooze style and are lighter than air to touch! Come and feel for yourself….check out these amazing coats NOW!

Herno’s product comes from Giuseppe Marenzi’s inspiration, pushed both by his own commercial ability and by his wife’s technical knowledge. Feeling the urge to deeply bond with their place of origin, and inspired by the Erno river that flows through the town, they decide to name the product that best suits the Lago Maggiore, the raincoat, Herno. The H harmonizes the name, internationalizing it.

“Aesthetic modern designs, with a commitment to high end fabrics and production, resulting in luxurious coats which ooze style.”

Right from the beginning, there were all the values that are still fully present in Herno S.p.a.:

  • Strong grounding to the territory
  • Pursuit of functionality beyond just aesthetics
  • Preservation of creative and productive control

The second generation represented by Claudio Marenzi, has ensured the awareness of all of these values and after 60 years of brand history, these are still held strong.

With the best feathers coming from three places: the French Perigord, the Russian Siberia and the Italian Lomellina, in honour of his mother’s origins in that valley, Claudio ensures the entire Italian production only uses the best goose down feathers.

What culminates from this passion for integrity and high end production, is a coat collection which oozes style and designs which we know our customers will love!