The company Michele Rossi Srl was born in 2006 in the heart of Tuscany. Created by the designer Michele Rossi, it’s now a company with brands which are distributed in the most important boutiques in the world.

The story of this company begins in Calabria, where Michele Rossi was born in 1961. In 1965 he and his family moved in Tuscany but the economic condition proved challenging and Michele had to wear second-hand clothes, mainly donated by a beautiful unknown girl. Michele was not interested in academic studies but much preferred to spend his time in his local surroundings. When Michele was 14 years old, everything changed: with his first salary he decided to buy clothes in a shop. Unfortunately he did not have enough money and when the saleswoman called the owner, she appeared, it was the girl who donated clothes to Michele. From this chance meeting, Michele arrived in the fashion world: at first he becomes salesman of the shop, after that sales representative, window dresser and sales manager and in the end he realized his dream and the foundation of his company Michele Rossie Srl was formed.

“The designs create out-and-out personal trends, targeting a woman with unique style, who doesn’t follow conventional trends.”