EILEEN FISHER launched her collection during 1984 for very personal reason: she was having trouble getting dressed. At the time, working as an interior and graphic designer she could see these simple shapes for clothes. Beautiful colors, great fabrics and certain shapes and proportions that all worked together. This was her “aha” moment: a system of dressing that she’d been looking for ever since her Catholic school uniform was abandoned back in Des Plaines, Illinois. Although she couldn’t sew and only had $350 in the bank, she believed in these simple shapes. With four shapes designed and created she took them to The Boutique Show in New York and from then on the rest is history! Eileen Fisher believes in good design and sees it as a result of paying attention to what women want and need. Eileen wanted to change the way women felt about fashion and themselves. She is all about clothes that we don’t have to think too much about. You put them on and know that they will give you the comfort, ease and elegance to move with confidence through your day.